Friday, August 12, 2016

Healed hearts and broken bones

 I can't believe it's August already.  I've been able to do a good amount of sewing this summer for which I am so thankful.  I've discovered @latenightquilter on instagram.  She has so inspired me to take my quilts out on field trips to do some more creative photo shoots.   I ordered the Quilters Planner 2017 and cannot wait to receive it!

Here is my latest quilt featuring the Sun, Sand and Surf panel from Timeless Treasures.  It measures about 50x50 and is listed in my etsy shop!

Here are a few of my favorite people.... my niece and nephew and my daughter, Elizabeth in the middle.  If you get a chance and are on the Cape, go to Sesuit Harbor in Dennis for breakfast!  It makes for the perfect start to any day! 

 Here is my other daughter, Katherine.  She's amazing.  In May she underwent two open heart surgeries and is doing so great!  So much to take on at 14 years old, but time has healed her heart in so many ways.

And here is the broken bone part of my post....
Broken Herringbone pattern by Violet Craft that I purchased at Hawthorne Threads.

 I can't tell you the fear I had cutting this apart to create this quilt top.... but somehow, magically, it all came together. 
This one's for my two girls when I finish quilting and binding it.

And lastly, just wanted to share this pretty selvage as a reminder to say yes to new experiences more and not miss out on anything that comes your way in life.

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  1. I love how clean and fresh the colors are on these two quilts: one bright clear blues, the other crisp pinks. That herringbone pattern is great, isn't it? Such sweet photos of your family, too!

  2. Hi Louise, Thank you for your note. Hope you have a great Labor day weekend!

  3. Perfect setting for your beach themed quilt! Hope you daughter is doing well since her surgery!

  4. What beautiful quilts and gorgeous girls! Congratulations on such a successful summer if quality time spent with both. Love all the pretty pics!

  5. Such a lovely post to read - great quilts and great family. So good to hear your daughter is doing well.

    1. Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your kind words! :)

  6. Love very Quilts Jen and yay for cool photo shoots! I'm all about that! Lovely fabrics for your herringbone quilts.

  7. What a darling quilt and such beautiful beach pictures.