Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall is a good time to get back to sewing....

I loved making this quilt.  The swoon pattern is now a favorite of mine as I love creating large quilt blocks.  I used the Wander fabric line from Joel Dewberry.  These fabrics are bold, modern and fun to work with!

Now that fall has arrived, I'm going to start planning for my next quilty project.  I think I need to return to my long lost quilter's planner to pull together some inspiration...
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Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season!
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

March Round Up

Here are my swoon blocks I've been working on.  I love large quilt blocks!  These fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Wild Wander collection.  This quilt pattern finishes 80x80, which will be the biggest quilt I've ever done.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

First Friday of February

January flew by!  I'm starting to see signs of longer days as the sun is setting later.  My sewing room has been pretty busy.  I've been staying organized using my Quilters Planner.  Each week has been inspired by the quilt blocks featured in the month of January.  I've completed three so far, but got side tracked by a new project, my first Swoon quilt.  

Unnamed by Jane Armstrong of 

Doves in the Daylight by Michelle Bartholomew

Sand Dollar Star by Cassandra Beaver of 

This last block I finished in January was a challenge.  I'm not confident in paper piecing yet, but Cassandra's directions were great.  So if you haven't tried this one yet, dive in.  The end result is worth it!

There are more January blocks in my planner, but who can resist a Swoon-a-long when February is here?  Thimble Blossoms had a special on this pattern recently, and I've always wanted to try it!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

I love these super-sized quilt blocks! They are all over instagram if you are interested in seeing these pretty blocks in abundance!

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Pretty in the Port 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Watch Out

This time of year is a reset for everyone!  You get to create new goals, redefine who you are and set intentions for your life.  The possibilities are endless, right?  January is the time to start.

For this year, I've started by just doing... I signed up for a 28 day cleanse to give me fuel for this new year.  It's the first time I've ever done a cleanse.  Honestly, I could live a happy life based on coffee, wine and pizza.  It would be perfect, but the scale doesn't agree.  I truly enjoy food and have always struggled with dieting.  I felt the need to jump in and try something that would make me feel energized, less 'puffy' and perhaps, lighter.  Seaweed, kale and nuts aren't my cup of tea, but I'll give it a try.  Embrace new things in 17, right?  The other appealing approach of this cleanse is the addition of meditation and yoga as a foundation.  I really enjoy yoga practice in addition to weight training and cardio and feel it will be a great compliment to this new venture/lifestyle.


Getting more organized is #2... I purchased the Quilters Planner in 2017.  It's a calendar filled with inspiring quotes, beautiful quilts and their patterns from different designers that can be downloaded in the form of an online book.  I've already jumped ahead and made August's quilt top, Canvas Lines. Take a peak below to see my version with Carolyn Friedlanders fabric along with the original by Meadow Mist Designs.  I've also begun sewing their featured weekly blocks!  I believe these are free patterns for everyone.
The first block of January is Unnamed, by 
Jane Armstrong of Jolly and Delilah.

Here's to 2017!  May it bring joy, good health and a creative full life.
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